Viking Quest Coin Master

Viking Quest in Coin Master

Viking Quest is one of my favorite events in Coin Master. It gives you the opportunity to get Golden cards you actually need, and fill up your spins stack with 5000 spins. However, finishing Viking Quest is not easy. It can cost you a lot of coins. So, in this post I tell you how I play Viking Quest and finish it.

What is Coin Master Viking Quest

Viking Quest is a side event that is on every last 40 hours of a main event. the goal of the quest is to finish 10 missions. To finish a mission you have to collect coins on the wheel. This can be just coins, or coins specifically from the bonus wheel. Each consecutive mission gets harder, but the reward gets bigger too. For example, the goal of the first mission is to spin 5 times.

Rewards in Viking Quest

Rewards you can win in Viking Quest are Spins, Coins, XP and chests. The amount of coins and XP depends on the village you are at. The first reward you get for opening Viking Quest. So, take it! This is a few million coins. After that you start playing. These are the rewards for the 10 missions:

Coin Master Viking Quest Missions
  1. Spin 5 times for 5 spins, coins and a wooden chest
  2. Win Coins for 10 spins, coins, XP and a golden chest
  3. Win Coins in the bonus wheel for coins and XP
  4. Win Coins for 15 spins, coins, XP and a magical chest
  5. Win coins for 40 spins, coins, CP and a magical chest
  6. Win coins in the bonus wheel for coins, XP and the first GOLDEN card
  7. Win coins for 50 spins, coins, XP and a magical chest
  8. Win coins for coins, CP and a magical chest
  9. Win coins for 300 spins, coins XP and a magical chest
  10. Win coins in the bonus wheel for 5000 spins, coins, XP and the second GOLDEN card and complete Viking Quest

Important notices about Coin Master Viking Quest

First, the amount of coins you need to collect to win a mission grows every mission. At level 182 I need already 15 billion coins in the ninth mission. In the last mission I need over 10 billion coins in the bonus wheel. That is a lot. This might cost you billions of coins. Second, if you need only a few GOLDEN cards chances are big the first golden card will be a duplicate. If you don’t have all gold cards, however, the second gold card is one you need.

How to win Viking Quest

There are a few ways you can play Viking quest. But first it is important to check what your goal might be. That is, how many coins do you have to play. Since you probably will lose a lot of coins you better know what is realistic.

  • If you have less than 1 billion coins just start Viking Quest and play the first few events. These events probably won’t cost you much and with the spins and chests you might get some nice rewards.
  • If you have a few billion coins you can play for the first golden card. Although you will probably not use these coins, and you might even win some, you have to have some coins just to start.
  • If you have over 20 billion coins you can safely play for the second golden card and the 5000 spins. Since this event can cost you a lot of coins it is necessary to have this buffer

Coin Master Viking Quest Strategies

Always play Viking Quest

It is always a good idea to play Viking Quest. Just starting the event gives you a few million coins. Since this amount is big enough for the first mission you can play this without a risk. This gives you some extra spins and a free wooden chest.

Try to finish mission 5

If you have more coins available. Like a few 100 million, for example, you can try to get up to mission 5. The first 5 missions in Viking Quest are fairly easy and give you a total of 70 spins, a few chests and some XP. Most of the time this doesn’t even cost you anything.

Get the first Gold Card in Viking Quest

If you have like a billion coins you can head for the first golden card. If you are on a lower level the amount of coins you need can be lower. You have to find this out for yourself. My way of playing is that I bet at maximum amount and wait till the mission is completed. Do this only if you need the gold card or if you try to finish all 10 mission. Otherwise, don’t play this mission. It might cost you coins and the rewards for this mission are low.

Go Finish Coin Master Viking Quest

In my opinion there is no goal between the first and second gold card. The rewards in between are not good enough to just play for. Of course if you see that you lose to many coins to finish Viking Quest you must decide to quit, but it shouldn’t be your goal. From the moment you decide to go for the second gold card my way of playing is bet at the maximum and wait for the missions to complete. Downside this option is that you need to have a lot of coins available. I finished the latest Viking Quest at level 182 at a loss of 49 billion coins. For this I got me almost 5,500 spins and few magical chests.

Two Bonus wheel strategies for Viking Quest

Also in this post about Viking Quest I give you two strategies to play the bonus wheel missions in Viking Quest.

  1. Play the lazy way
    If you are lazy (like me) you just bet maximum and choose auto play. But, don’t forget to check if you have finished the mission already. The upside of this method is that you finish it really quick and with no effort. The downside, though, is that it might cost you a lot more coins.
  2. Play the bonus wheel the intelligent way
    If you don’t want to spend too many coins you can play the bonus wheel mission the intelligent way. This means that you try to predict when the next bonus wheel comes up. How you do it? There is a pattern in the bonus wheel. Just spin at a low amount for a while. When the bonus wheel items show themselves but up to maximum and wait until you got three. After that lower your bet. If it took a long time you got the bonus wheel than chances of getting another soon is big. If not, than it would be best to stay at low amount a little longer. This way you should be able to finish Viking Quest with less coins lost.

Viking Quest FAQ

What is Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Viking Quest is a side event in Coin Master. In this event you spin another wheel and collect coins. With these coins you complete missions. The final mission gets you 5000 spins and a free gold card.

How do I get Viking Quest?

Viking Quest is event that runs in the final 40 hours of an event. This Event is not for everybody, though. You need to be above te threshold village. At this moment you need to be at village 50 or above.

Can someone steel my coins during Viking Quest

When you play Viking Quest you get raid protection. This means you cannot be raided as long as you play this event. Raid protection is for three minutes from the moment you leave Viking Quest.

What level is Viking Quest?

Viking Quest is only available for players at level 50 or higher.

How do I play Coin Master?

There are a lot of nice strategies to play Viking Quest. You can play lazy or intelligent. Read this page to find out what people do! Or just watch me playing Viking Quest in this Youtube video.

What if I just need some extra coins to finish Viking Quest?

If you are just a few coins short to finish Viking Quest you can use the
daily free spins to get the extra coins you need. With over 5,000 spins to win in this event it is worth finishing it.

Why do I get a Gold Card I already have in Viking Quest?

There are basically three reasons why you get a Gold Card in Viking Quest which you already have. First, if you have all Gold Cards completed in the sets you have open you cannot get another new Gold Card. Second, if you need only 1 Gold Card this is reserved for the final mission in Viking Quest. Third, if you just opened a card set before Viking Quest started, or during the Quest, Coin Master hasn’t synchronized and you get a card you already have. If all these reasons don’t apply, just check with Coin Master Support from the settings page in the app.

Did these Coin Master Viking Strategies Help?

Did you like the strategies I gave you in this post. Did you use them already and did it help you finish Viking Quest? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hey, you seem to be so very sweet and an absolute Coin Master lover ❀ like myself, which I don’t think I’m as near as good as you are, not yet, anyways… and I’ve been playing for about 10 or 12 month’s now, close to a year! And thanks for the strategies on how to pay the Viking Quest…because that’s exactly what I do, but now knowing πŸ’― sure that your wwaayyy better than me, I go in with, uummm, not even close to a billion coins… and…I guess that’s why I’ve NEVER GOTTEN PASS THE FOURTH LEVEL πŸ˜•!?! So, thank you so much and maybe you can send me a friend request sometime? My name is Tequila Cherry on FB, my e-mail is XXXXXXXXXXXXX, because I would love to have a friend who could actually help me WIN THE WHOLE LOOT on Viking Quest, lol, if that’s even 🀣 possible, but, I’m beginning to feel that having you as a partner just might help me get waayyy better, waayyy faster, fr! Plus, to be honest, your a pretty awesome πŸ‘Œ 😎 person and I thank you 😊 for all the helpful advice… Hopefully, I’ll hear from you soon, Tequila

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