Pirate workers – get extra free daily cash

Pirate Workers are pirates you captured on completed islands and who will work for you. This means if you buy them they will get you free coins every day. In this post, I tell you how you can buy Pirate workers and what this amazing feature has to offer you.

How can you get Pirate Workers

You can buy Pirate Workers on all islands you have completed. After you complete an island you can go to the My Islands menu item. You can move between your islands and on the completed islands you can click on the plus button to buy the Pirate Workers. On each island, you can buy 5 pirates. After you bought the Pirate Worker he will get to work and you see the cash coming in. Check out this cool video in which I show you how this works.

How much cash can they bring you

With every new bought Pirate Worker you get more cash every day. There is a maximum though. This maximum is based on the village you are on. You can see the maximum on the bottom right of the screen. On the bottom left you see the cash amount you get if the Pirate Workers work a full day for you. I am at island 57 at this moment. With all pirate workers active I can get up to 19 million coins each day. That brings me a few island items every day!

Do buy the Pirate Workers

There is an easy math. Pirate Workers give you more cash than they cost you. So make sure you buy them en use the cash on a daily base. This cash is very nice next to the daily free spins you can get!

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