Pirate Quests – How to play and win rewards

Pirate Quests in Coin Master are mini-games within the big game. Don’t confuse these mini-games with events since they are really mini. But if you pay some attention you can earn some great rewards when playing. In this post, I tell you what kind of Pirate Quests exist and for which you have to put in more effort.

How can I see what Pirate Quests are on

You can find the Pirate Quests on the main screen of Pirate Kings just below the main menu button. When you click on the button a pane opens showing the 3 challenges that are on at that moment. You can also see what the target is and how far you are completing the quests. If you complete a quest a new challenge appears right away.

What mini-games are there

There are several Pirate Quests. I give you an overview right here:

  • Attack a number of times
  • Raid a number of times
  • Revenge a number of times
  • Build a number of Pirate Workers
  • Play the Daily Bonus a number of times

What rewards can I win

Rewards you can win in Pirate Quests are Spins, coins for the Daily Bonus and stars. Stars are just for your rating. The higher the number of stars the higher your position on the ranking. Spins are useful to keep playing. I prefer the challenges with Spins. And if completed you can also get your daily spins.

Can I skip Pirate Quests

Some Quests are unlikely to complete. For example, chances of getting attacked are quite rare for me since I build islands at once if I can. So I am happy there is a skip button. You can skip a challenge if it doesn’t work for you. After you skipped a quest it is not possible to skip another challenge right away. I haven’t found out when you can skip another challenge. Maybe after completing the next challenge, or just after a period of time.

How do I collect my rewards in Pirate Quests

If you win a star it is directly added to your stars total. Coins for the Daily bonus are added to the pile right away. Only for getting Spins you need to do something. Spins are added to the gift chest. Go to the chest and click on your Spins gift and they are added to your total.

What is your favorite Pirate Quest

My favorite Pirate Quests are building pirate workers and attacking people. The pirate workers challenge I like because you win coins for the Daily Bonus. Attacking people because you win spins and it is something I regularly do to get the cash I need to complete an island. What is your favorite Pirate Quest? If you need more tactics please watch our awesome Pirate Kings videos.

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