Pirate Kings Free Spins

Pirate Kings Free Spins links help you play when your daily free spins are gone. With these Pirate Kings Spins, you can get some extra cash to complete your islands or buy pirate workers to dig money for you on islands you already conquered. And best of all, all links are valid and tested. But make sure you use them in time. A link is available for only a very short in time, maybe even only a day!

Collect your Pirate Kings Rewards

DatePirate Kings Free Spins Links
29-0925 Spins bvYcwdCollect
23-0925 Spins Collect
22-0925 Spins Collect
19-0925 Spins Collect
19-0925 Spins Collect
15-0925 SpinsCollect
13-0925 Spins Collect
12-0925 Spins Collect
12-0925 Spins Collect
10-0925 SpinsCollect
06-0925 Spins Collect
30-0825 Spins Collect
25-0825 Spins Collect
24-0825 Spins Collect
23-0825 Spins Collect
18-0825 Spins Collect
17-0825 Spins Collect
13-0825 Spins Collect
12-0825 Spins Collect
11-0825 Spins Collect

Pirate Kings Free Spins Link

Every day the amazing people behind Pirate Kings issue free spins links. I collect them for you and put them below. This way you don’t have to follow all social media channels to get the Pirate Kings Free Spins. Just make sure you get back on this page every day!

How to get your Pirate Kings free spins

  1. Open your Pirate Kings game

    Get your phone and start your game. Get past all promotional popups and accept all gifts.

  2. Go to the website

    Go to this website and look for the first free spins link. Click on it and make sure the Pirate Kings game opens and your rewards are added.

  3. Go to the rewards section in Pirate Kings and redeem your gifts

    Enjoy your daily free Pirate Kings spins.

Pirate Kings Free Coin and Spins

Pirate Kings Free Spins

Next to Free Spins in Pirate Kings rewards also can contain coins. This very nice since you need the coins to complete your islands or have people dig gold for you. Make sure you also take the Coin Gifts in Pirate Kings. They are free! If you need cash, make sure you play the Daily Bonus every day!

Pirate Kings Free Spins FAQ

What is Pirate Kings?

Pirate Kings is a wheel of fortune based game in which you spin a wheel to collect spins. With these spins you buy island items. You need to build all items on an island to get to the next island. In between you can attack or raid your friends.

How can I get more free spins in Pirate Kings?

You get free spins in Pirate Kings every hour. The higher your island, the more spins you get. Another way to get free spins is to play events. The best way however is to use the Pirate Kings Free spins from this website.

How many islands are there in Pirate Kings

At this moment there are 197 islands in Pirate Kings. You need an awful lot of spins to get the cash to buy all items on all islands. Don’t waste your time and start playing!

When was Pirate Kings made?

Jelly Button created Pirate Kings already in 2013. So the game exists for quite a while. That’s why the game play is solid and the game gives a lot of fun.

What rewards and gifts do I get in Pirate Kings

There are several gifts and rewards in Pirate Kings. First of course there are spins and cash. Besides that you can get shields, bombs and cards.

Pirate Kings Mod APK for Free Spins

There are hacks for extra free spins in Pirate Kings. For this, you have to use a Mod or APK. My advice: Don’t use them. They can be extremely dangerous because you don’t know if the creator of the APK has put in some malware. Best is to stick to the daily free spins you can find on this website.

You favorite tactic in Pirate Kings

What is your favorite tactic for getting extra spins in Pirate Kings? Please share your best tips and tricks in the comments. This way we can all learn and advance faster in Pirate Kings. Keep getting your pirate king free spins links.

Coin Master Free Spins

If you play Coin Master also you might want some free coins in that game too. If you use the link in this paragraph you find the current free spins links. Make sure you visit this page daily for new spins and coins links. You can also add yourself to the mailing list so you’ll be informed when new spins are added.

Good luck and have fun!

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