My Pirates – Choose your own Avatar

In Pirate Kings you have a feature called My Pirates. My Pirates are the Avatars you can use in the game. In this post, I tell you what you can do with these Pirates and how you can get them.

What are My Pirates in Pirate Kings

My Pirates are the Avatars available in Pirate Kings. These pirates are just for fun as they don’t give you extra possibilities, strength or something else. They let you just represent yourself the way you want.

What kind of Pirates can you use as an avatar

There are 4 kinds of Pirates available as an avatar. These are:

  • Common Pirates
  • Rare Pirates
  • Legendary Pirates
  • Special Pirates

Look at this special Youtube video in which I show you how to get your new Pirate Kings avatar.

How do you get new Pirates in Pirate Kings

You can buy new avatars for 10 million coins from the My Pirates feature. Well, not exactly, buy. You can buy a chest that contains a pirate. You don’t know beforehand what Pirate is in it. Chances of getting a common pirate are 70%, Rare Pirates 29% and legendary pirates 1%. Special Pirates can only be unlocked during special events. If you need more spins to get to your next 10 million in cash use these free spin links!

What is your favorite Pirate

Did you buy chests to get new Pirates unlocked? What is your favorite Pirate? Please tell me in the comments.

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