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Joker Card in Pirate Kings – Get your missing card!

Pirate Kings has introduced a new feature: the joker card. People who play Coin Master are already familiar with this type of card, but if you are not than you should definitely read this article. Basically, with the this card you can get every card you want to add to your album. This way you can complete your sets easily and you might even complete your whole album. For tips and tricks to complete your Pirate Kings album check this article.

What is the Joker Card in Pirate Kings

The Joker is a special card in Pirate Kings. It is not a card you need to complete a card set, but you can trade it for any card you need. That makes it a card everybody wants. Especially when the time to complete an album is almost over. At that time you probably just need only some cards (the rare cards), so you can get them without too much hassle. Make sure you win as much spins as possible. If you might need some more free spins, make sure to check the daily free spins links.

How to get a Joker Card

You can get the Joker Card in various ways. For example, you can participate in a tournament in which one of the prices is a this card. Other ways are when buying a specific offer or maybe some other ways will appear. If they do, we will add them to this website.

The best card to trade for

Without a doubt the best card for the joker is a rare missing card. But what rare cards are is not that simple to find out. So, Make sure you trade your card for a card with a lot of stars, in the higher level albums. If you want to trade for a gold card than that might be a good idea also.

Did you get a Pirate Kings Joker Card already?

Did you manage to get a Joker Card already? And for what card did you trade it? Gold or common, it is up to you. Please share your thoughts in the comments. With this new feature we all can learn how to use it in the best way.

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