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How to complete your Pirate Kings Album

The Pirate Kings Album is a very rewarding, but difficult to accomplish feature of the Pirate Kings game. In the Pirate Kings album you get rewards if you complete a set and of course you can trade your duplicate cards for spins and bombs. But the best reward in this Album is the reward if your complete the album. In this post I tell you how to play the Pirate Kings Album so you have the biggest chance to complete it.

Collect card packs for your album

The only way to get cards for your album is to collect card packs. There are several ways to get your card packs. The most easy way is just to play the game. Once in a while when you play you get a card pack after a spin. Depending on the amount of spins you use in the duplicator you get cards. The higher your spin duplicator, the higher the number of cards in you card pack. Also if you use a higher duplicator you get cards with a higher number of stars or even gold cards. Other ways to get card packs for you Pirate Kings Album is to complete a trail in the Pirate Adventure, play daily to get them from the daily reward calendar, in the Pirate Quests and in the new monkey game.

Different types of cards

In the Pirate Kings Album you have different kinds of cards. Most obvious is that you have regular cards and gold cards. What you don’t see is that in the regular cards you have common cards and rare cards. These last cards are the cards you probably still need when you have almost completed the set. To get all your rare cards you have to play an aweful lot of spins or you just have to play the daily missions. But more on that later.

Not all sets are open at the same time

The Pirate Kings Album is open for 63 days. That means you have 9 weeks to complete the album. But there is a catch. Every week a new album is open. So, in the specific week you are likely to get all the common regular and golden cards from the set. If you play for them of course. This way you probably get 6 or 7 cards from the set. But then you need to complete the card sets.

Complete your card sets to complete the Pirate Kings Album

To complete your album it is important to play for the daily missions in which you get rare cards or missing cards. These missions are getting more often as the Pirate Album is getting to the end. If you miss one, because the mission is too difficult, that is not a problem. But, you need to play for a lot of these. Remember that these missions might cost you some spins, but bare in mind that the reward of the Pirate Kings Album is big. Next to the rewards if you complete a card set.

Don’t forget to trade in your duplicate cards for spins and bombs

An important feature from the Pirate Kings Album is that you can trade your duplicate cards for spins and bombs. You can use these bombs to complete the Pirate Adventure to get a big card pack. You can use the spins to play a bit longer to complete your daily missions. Also, if you need even more spins. Just check the daily Pirate Kings Free Spins.

What is your best tip to complete the Pirate Kings Album?

Let’s help each other. If you have a great tip or tactic to complete the Pirate Kings Album please share it with us, so everybody can profit from this. Thanks and good luck!

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