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How much does an island in Pirate Kings cost

The objective of Pirate Kings is to build islands. Each Island costs more than the previous one. Unlike with Coin Master, I haven’t found a method to calculate the cost of a complete Island (i.e. 30 times the value of the first item in the last row). That’s why I have done the math myself. For every single island, I have counted how much cash you need to buy all items on the island. This way I created the Pirate Kings Island Costs list. If you know the cost of other islands please let me know!

List of all Pirate Kings Island costs

In the table below you find the cost of all islands in Pirate Kings. At least for the one I played already. For each Island I complete I add the cash you need to complete the island.

Just build the Island items

Pirate Kings island costs complete island

As tempting it is to build an island at once to protect yourself from getting attacked it is better not to wait. Just build your items. Since the amount of cash stole is high on a steal, and chances are huge you can lose big time when looted. So, If you have the cash I advise you to spend it! If you don’t then first get your daily Free Spins and play on!

Shields protect your Island Items

Another argument for buying and building items is that you have shields protecting the items. These shields are won on the wheel and can be given to you by your friends. Also, shields are part of almost all big rewards.

Why is my island this expensive to buy?

The cost of an island in Pirate Kings raises with every island. Sometimes even with a lot of cash. This makes it harder with every new island. Yes, of course, rewards raise too, but still, you need a lot of spins more to get the cash you need. Don’t get frustrated with that, just see this as a challenge to get to the next island. And of course, use this Pirate Kings Island Costs list to see how much cash you need.

What were the Pirate Kings Island costs of your last island?

Please let me know what the Pirate Kings Island Costs were of your last island. If it is not on the list I will add id. This way we can complete the list together! Thank you!

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