Don’t stack your cash – Spend it! This is why

The best way to play Pirate Kings is to build items on your island right away and not to stack cash until you have enough cash to complete an island at once. This seems a bit strange because when you build an island you get attacked along the way. In this post, I tell you why building items is better than to stack your cash.

Use your cash to build Island items

If you play Pirate Kings you get cash after each spin on the wheel. This virtual cash you can use in a few ways. The most obvious way is to build items on your islands. Besides that, you can use the cash to buy pirate workers or avatars on the my pirates menu item. Spending cash on pirate workers is limited to the islands you have conquered already and avatars are nice but don’t help you in any way. So use your cash mainly to build island items.

But I get attacked if I build items

The downfall of building items on your islands is that you can be attacked as long as you haven’t completed an island yet. In the beginning, chances are not that high since the total island costs are not that high, but if you advance in the game the cash you need explodes fast. This means that it gets more difficult to get all your cash together. It is best to build already if you have saved a few million cash. And yes you can get attacked at that time. But rebuilding your island is much more rare and cheap than getting raided from your well-earned cash.

Don’t stack: Getting raided is much worse

Let me show you a real-life example. A few weeks ago I saved a few 100 million in cash to build my next island. The next day I opened the game and to my surprise, I was robbed of almost all my cash. In two (2) raids I lost over 200 million cash. For that amount, I could have bought almost my complete Island at that time!

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