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Deep Sweep – Bonus wheel for extra spins

Deep Sweep is a wheel of fortune showing only Spins rewards in Pirate Kings. For every spin on the wheel, you get the number of spins on the pie piece that you hit. This way you can grow your Spins pile fast. But there are some pitfalls. In this post, I tell you everything you need to know to play Deep Sweep. And I tell you how you can get over 10,000 spins.

What is Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep is a mini-game in Pirate Kings in which you can win a lot of Spins. You have to earn to play this game. You earn this by collecting points from attacks or steals. If you get to the desired number of points the minigame starts.

How to play this challenge

Deep Sweep starts when you push the yellow button in the middle of the wheel. The wheel starts and you land on a pie piece with a Spins value. To continue you push the yellow button again. If you don’t want to push over and over again you can push the button a little longer so auto spin is activated. The wheel will turn after each spin as long as you hit a new pie piece within 3 tries when the turn ends. If you want to know how this works just look at this video on YouTube.

Deep Sweep winnings

The best thing in Deep Sweep is that you win all the time. You will hit at least one pie with Spins. But most of the time you win a lot more spins. As long as you hit a new value within 3 turns new Spins are added to your winnings. It is especially nice if you hit the 100 spins pie. Important to know is that you need to hit this pie piece twice! You can play Deep Sweep more than once when it is on. For each consecutive time you want to play this mini game you need more points to play. The amount of spins you can win grows also.

Win 5,000 bonus spins

If you manage to clear the whole wheel you get a bonus of 5,000 (or even more) spins on top of the regular winnings. I haven’t managed to do this. As I said, I got one pie piece short… And as you don’t have any influence on the wheel you can’t do much about this. Be happy with your winnings.

What is your highest win in Deep Sweep?

What is the highest number of spins when you played Deep Sweep? Did you get far? Did you get the 5,000 spins? Please let me know via the comments. By the way, if you still run out of spins make sure you get the daily free spins from Jelly Button.

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