Daily Bonus in Pirate Kings – Free cash every day

The Daily Bonus in Pirate Kings gives you extra cash to build your islands. This Bonus can be extremely handy when you need just a few extra millions when buying an item on your island or if you want to buy some Pirate workers to get you your extra daily cash. In this post, I tell you how the Daily Bonus works and how you can benefit most. If you need extra spins make sure you get the Free Spin Links here.

Where can you find the Daily Bonus

Your bonus reward in Pirate Kings can be found in the main menu almost at the bottom. You know when you can use this amazing feature when a red attention dot with a number is shown in the menu. The number shows the number of coins you have to play. Click on the menu item to open. You can watch me playing the Free bonus on a short video on Youtube.

What can you win

In the Daily Bonus you can win cash. If you look at the pay table you see that the highest win is 1 billion coins in cash. The minimum amount is 2 million in cash. Still a nice amount. When I realize this when I am writing is that the amount might differ on your island progression. I am at Island 55 at this moment. So don’t mind if your numbers might differ a little.

What is the chest in the Daily Bonus

Besides the slot machine you see a chest. This chest opens every 5th day when playing this bonus game. In this chest you find a small extra reward. It gave me 1 million extra coins most of the time. So, see this as a little gift.

Earn extra coins

You get a coin to play the Daily Bonus every day. But you can get more coins. When you play the challenges sometimes you can win extra coins. They add to your total coins and you see that when you look at the number in the red attention dot. Try to win those challenges because you will make some serious virtual cash in this game.

Watch a video for a free play

If you have used all your coins you can watch a small commercial. If you do this you get an extra coin. This way you can play the Daily Bonus again. I advise you to do this regularly because it can give you a lot of extra cash you can use to complete your islands.

How to play the Daily Bonus best

It is best to play just at the moment when you start spending your cash. If you collect it when you don’t need it, it might be raided. Or at least use it directly to buy some pirate workers or a new avatar. Best, of course, is to buy an Island item. This benefits you the most.

  • Open the Daily Bonus Feature
  • Click on the “Spin” button.
  • Collect your cash
  • Put in an extra coin if you have and spin again for free
  • Use the Free Spin feature and watch a short commercial to play again for free
  • Open the chest if possible

Do you like the Daily Bonus

Do you like the Daily Bonus feature in this game? Let me know in the comments! What was your highest win? Let’s see how many people got to the 1 billion cash winning!

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