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Royal Cards: How to get them all

Royal Cards are the most exclusive cards in Pet Master. These special can be recognized by the special mark on the card. In every album a few card sets have one or more royal cards. You cannot find these cards in chests, so they are very hard to get. In this post I tell you all you need to know about the royal cards and how you can get them all.

Royal cards in special events

Royal cards are not in chests. The only way to get these cards is to play special events. As for this moment the only event that gives you these cards is Village rush. If you make it to the fourth village during this rush you get a royal card as a reward. Note that in some cases you get the royal card in the second or third village you complete during Village rush.

How to get all royal cards

The first royal card is in the Chimp Revolution set. This royal card is called Free Bananas. This card becomes available in the game really soon. After that it takes a while before the next special card is available. But that doesn’t mean you can lay back and relax. If you want to get all Royal cards you have to play strategically to get them all. You should collect this many coins that you can complete 4 villages during Village rush. And not only that, you also need to play to only complete villages for these special cards. If you forget this or don’t get all these cards in the beginning you will miss a few for certain.

Stack your coins big time

To be successful in Pet Master you not only need to get the royal cards. You also need to keep up with your other cards. Especially the gold ones. That’s because there are no gold trade events for now. If you advance too fast in you villages it will become harder and harder to complete your card sets. That means you not only need to know the village cost of the four villages you need to complete for your next Royal card, you also need enough coins to buy chests and get the cards in between. If you need extra spins to get more coins, please check out the Pet Master Free Spins Links page.

Did you get all Royal cards?

Did you manage to get all the special cards and complete your album. Let me know which tactics you use and how you did manage this. If you don’t share which cards you miss. Maybe, in the future, we will be able to trade the Royal cards.

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