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Play the dice game in Pet Master for awesome rewards

One of the most popular bonus games in Pet Master is Roll the dice. In this bonus game you get a dice every four hours. When you have one you roll the dice and you can win extra spins and coins rewards. In this post I show you how you get dices, why you should wait for the Golden Airdrops and how you can turn this bonus game in a real rewards booster.

How to play the dice game

Pet Master Jungle Board Dice game

Playing the dice game is simple. You just click on red dice button. On te button you see the number of dices you have left. For every turn you throw 2 dices. The total count of the two dices are the number of steps in the board. If you land on a reward you get the reward. If you land on the tile with the pipe something nice happens. You go to the board of another player and you get three turns to take as much spins and coins you can. You can roll the dices until they are gone. If you land on the dice tile you get one or more extra turns.

For every turn your progress bar on the board increases. If the bar is full you get to upgrade a reward on the board. If your bar has filled a number of times you complete the board theme and you move to the next. The first theme is the desert board. The second is the jungle board. Every theme has more bars to complete to advance to the next theme.

How to get dices in Pet Master

The most obvious way to get dices in Pet Master is to play each day. That’s because you get a free dice every 4 hours. That means you get 6 in 24 hours. And 6 is the maximum number of dices you can stork for use later. Another way of getting dices is by playing events. For example, in Village rush you get one or more dices regularly. If you play other events you can find the dices in the reward bar. A third way to get extra dices for free is to become a top 10 winner in the main events. In some events dices are for the winners.

Only play in the Golden Airdrops event

Pet Master Golden Airdrops board game

Once in a while there is an event in the dice game. This is the Golden Airdrops event. In this event extra rewards drop down on the board. These rewards are only active for 10 to 30 minutes. But the rewards are amazing. Loads of spins, coins and chests come to you. The Golden Airdrops event lasts for 10 hours.

Do you like the dice game?

Do you like the dice game? Some people stopped playing this game when the dices were removed from the slot machine. But there are still a lot of ways to get the dices and play for amazing rewards. If you run out of dices and still need extra rewards in Pet Master, just check out this page with free Pet Master Spins and Coins.

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