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Pet Master Picking Hunt

Picking Hunt: the new side event for spins and dices

Picking Hunt is the newest side event in Pet Master. In this event you have to spin to collect points to have chance of opening chests with nice rewards. These rewards can be spins, coins and dices. But chests can be empty too. If you open enough chests you get the big reward. In this post I tell you everything you need to know about Picking Hunt. Important to tell: This Picking Hunt can be an experiment or available only above a certain level. I have it on one account, but do not see it on another account.

What is Picking Hunt

Picking Hunt is the newest side event. You find it at the bottom right of the main screen of Pet Master. When you look for this event you see an image of a chest and an image of a key. The keys tell you how many keys you have saved to open chests. The dark bar below the chest gives you an indication when you can expect the chest to be opened. When you have filled the bar you can open one or more chests for awesome rewards. This event is available for only s short amount of time. At the moment I write this the event is open for 4 hours.

How do you collect keys

The most easy way to get the keys to open the chest is just to play. With every filled bar you get a key for free. This means you can open at least one chest when the bar is filled. Another way to get keys is to buy them (of course). At the time I write this post you can get 20 keys in a package with some spins and coins for 5 dollars. If this is worth it is completely up to you. But you should definitely read on the the part where I tell you about if it is worth to play Picking Hunt.

What are the rewards

There are several rewards in this event. First you can get a reward when you open a chest. Not all chest contain a reward, but some do. For example you can win some coins. The second reward is when you find the idol. The rewards you get from an idol are shown on the top of your screen. With every idol you find the rewards for the next idol will go up. Usually the rewards for an idol are spins, dices and coins. The third and foremost best reward is if you fill the idols bar. If you have found 8 idols you get the big reward chest. In this chest you find a joker card, a range of spins and a range of dices. The rewards in this chest are really good. If you want even more rewards, just check the Free Spins links.

Is it worth to play Picking Hunt?

Now we get to the most important question. Is it worth to play Picking Hunt? It is fair to say that the rewards are good. Especially dices are very nice to have. On the other had if you want to complete the idols bar you have to be either incredibly lucky to guess the right chests to open every time, have a great amount of spins (and then I mean like tens of thousands) to be able to play along, or very good at playing events os you don’t lose spins while you play. That is, because not even do you need more points to fill the chest bar with every higher level, you also have more chests to choose from to find the next idol. This means that chances of a high reward in this event are small.

My 2 cents about Picking Hunt

Yes, Picking Hunt is a nice new side event which can give you awesome rewards. But you have to be very lucky or good at playing this game to get there. Bear in mind that you also have to complete the event in the given time frame. So, if I had to choose than I would just use my ordinary gameplay and enjoy the rewards you (accidentally) get while you play this game. You probably pick up some dices and spins. I wouldn’t bet my whole Spins stack on it. And moreover, I wouldn’t spend a dime on it, because you need so many keys that buying probably won’t help. If you would buy stuff in Pet Master another offer would probably suit you better.

What are your thoughts about Picking Hunt?

Do you have Picking Hunt in your game already? And have you played it. Just curious about what you think about this side event en if you think it will give you more joy in the game. Please let me know in the comments!

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Erik

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  1. Georgina

    I am so annoyed I accidentally clicked on the keys I won on picking hunt but it didn’t let me use them so I would like a refund £2-49 and 89p I love pet master I won’t play it again and I have spent loads on the game..

    1. Erik

      please check with pet master support in the app.

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