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Pet Master village cost

Pet Master Village cost are the number of coins you need to complete a village. But why do you need to know this? That’s just a simple question. Don’t you get a little annoyed if you build your village and before you can complete it you can rebuild it several times because you keep getting attacked. If you buy your village at once you are certain this won’t happen. So if you know how many coins you need to build the village you can play until you can finish your village. If you like Free Spins, just check our daily Pet Master Free Spins links.

Pet Master Village Cost

Below you find the Pet Master Village Price list for all of the villages we know the price of.

At this moment (august 2021) there are 190 villages in Pet Master. For the first 150 you find the total village cost in the table below. For the other villages you can make an estimate. If we figure out the costs for the remaining villages we will update the list. If you know these village cost we would be grateful if you put them in the comments. If you can’t wait, in most cases the increase in village price for a new village is between 4 and 7 percent. So you can make an educated guess for the Pet Master village prices if you know the cost for the previous village.

Coin Master Village items

Can you calculate the village cost

In Coin Master there is a simple rule to calculate the Coin Master Village Cost. Just multiply the amount for the first item on the last row by 30 and you have an excellent estimate. I tried to find a pattern in Pet Master, but haven’t found it. So I just checked the number of coins I spend building a village. That are the Pet Master village cost. I put this for the villages I have already built (and didn’t forget to write down) in the table below. Please help me complete te list by letting me know what your village cost are for the villages that are not already added.

Pet Master level cost may change over time

Sometimes Moonactive adjusts the prices of all villages at once. This usually happens when a lot of new villages are added and it becomes almost impossible to complete them. We will update the Pet Master Village cost as soon as possible. We do need your help, though, because the sooner we know, the sooner you have a new list of Pet Master Village prices.

What Village are you on?

I only complete villages during Village rush, and especially when village rush is on with royal cards. That is the only way how I can complete my card sets with royal cards. As the royal card usually is the third or fourth village in village rush it is nice to know how many coins I need to complete the level. Do you use the same tactic or do you use all coins you have on village items?

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    Cost for 102 please to build.

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    Really enjoying this game, frustrating that only 5 spins an hour, but coin master was the same at the start

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    When my friends join game I did not get spin and box reward

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