Pet Master Village Cost

Pet Master village cost

Pet Master Village cost are the number of coins you need to complete a village. But why do you need to know this? That’s just a simple question. Don’t you get a little annoyed if you build your village and before you can complete it you can rebuild it several times because you keep getting attacked. If you buy your village at once you are certain this won’t happen. So if you know how many coins you need to build the village you can play until you can finish your village.

Can you calculate the village cost

Coin Master Village items

In Coin Master there is a simple rule to calculate the Coin Master Village Cost. Just multiply the amount for the first item on the last row by 30 and you have an excellent estimate. I tried to find a pattern in Coin Master, but haven’t found it. So I just checked the number of coins I spend building a village. That are the Pet Master village cost. I put this for the villages I have already built (and didn’t forget to write down) in the table below. Please help me complete te list by letting me know what your village cost are for the villages that are not already added.

Pet Master Village Cost

Check out the table below for the price of all villages I played so far.

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