Pet Master Free Spins

Pet Master Free Spins

Free Pet Master Coins and Spins Rewards

Pet Master Free Spins help you keep playing this really fun game. The easiest way to get extra spins to play the game is to use the Pet Master Free spins links that are issued by Brave island. These links are genuine and tested. But these are not the only ways you can get free Spins. Below you find the latest free spins links. After the free spins you find all other ways to get spins in Pet Master. Make sure you read this to know how to play this game best.

Pet Master Free Spins

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Pet Master Free Spins and Coins Links

Make sure you follow this page daily because the Pet Master Free Spins links are valid for a short time. Mostly 3 days.

DatePet Master Free Gift
11.05.202125 SpinsCollect
11.05.202110 Spins, CoinsCollect
10.05.202125 SpinsCollect
10.05.202110 Spins, CoinsCollect
09.05.202125 SpinsCollect
09.05.202110 Spins, CoinsCollect
08.05.202125 SpinsCollect

If the Pet Master link says “coins” you get coins for free. The amount of free coins is determined by the village you are on. After you collected all Pet Master Free Spins please make sure you follow these strategies to keep your spins stack high!

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Pet Master Free Spins limited available

Free Spins Links expired Pet Master

Free links are only valid for a few days. Most of the times the links are valid for three days. Sometimes the validity is a little different, so please try all links. If your gift has expired and you open the link you get a message that the offer has ended. this means you have waited too long to open it. If this happens a lot you’d better visit this website more often. Second, you can use a Pet Master Free Spins link only one time. If you try to open a gift for the second time you get a message that you already used this gift. This doesn’t mean you used the link from our website already, but you might have used it from another Free spins source.

Free Spins in Pet Master are the fuel to play the game. Because, why should you pay your well earned money on this game when you can play for free. That’s why I tell you in this post all the ways there are to get free spins in Pet Master. If you follow these easy steps you can play this game, have fun, and advance to higher villages during each event.

50 Pet Master Free spins every 10 hours

The most easy way to get spins in Pet Master is to use all of your spins and wait for 10 hours. You get 5 spins per hour until a maximum of 50. Wait until you have the 50 spins completed to play. It is best to play along with this amount of spins then to spin them 5 at a time. Of course, if you need just a few coins, a few points to complete a mission, or if an event is almost over you use them earlier.

Free spins in a safe during a raid

When you have a raid on your Pet Master you have a one out of three chance to win the coins. The other two safes are empty. That is, if they don’t have a small gift for you. this gift can be a chest of free spins. The free spins are 5 or 10 spins.

Free deals in the game

pet master free offer deal

One of them main sources of income for the creators of Pet Master is to sell you spins and coins. Most of the time you pay a lot of cash for little spins and coins. Sometimes though, there is an offer for free. Mostly these are a few spins or another gift. You can use these safely. But be careful not to get greedy. If you have taken the free gift, paid gifts are waiting and sometimes free gifts are available after the purchase. Don’t fall for that.

Free Spins if you add Friends to Pet Master

Pet Master add friends for free spins

Another great way to get extra free spins in Pet Master is to add your friends. Depending on the village you are on you get an amount of spins if your friend starts to play Pet Master and connects via Facebook. This only works if your friend hasn’t already connected Pet Master to Facebook earlier, so it doesn’t help to unfriend and friend again.

Free Spins gifts from friends

Another advantage of having friends in Pet Master is that they can give you free spins. Every friend can send 1 free spin to all his friends per day. You can store up to 100 friends, that means that you can save up to 100 spins to use if you need them. You can use the spins though only when your total amount of spins is less than 50. So, these spins help you when you run completely out of spins.

Roll the dices in Pet Master for Free spins

Village rush dices pet master

Within Pet Master there is a mini game. In this mini game you roll the dices like on a board game. If you land on the right spot you win gifts. These gifts are coins, spins, chests or a combination of these three. You get a free dice every 6 hours with a maximum of 6 dices. You also can win dices as a mission in events or in village rush events. The most chance of winning free spins is to save dices up to 6 or more (for dices won in events the maximum amount of 6 doesn’t count). And of course only play during the Golden airdrops event. In this event the big boxes of spins are available!.

Complete your card sets

One of the most rewarding ways of getting Free Spins in Pet Master is to complete your card sets. For a complete card set you can get a hundreds of spins. And completing card sets is not that hard. That is, if you keep buying chests from the beginning to keep up with your missing cards. This is because chests are cheaper when you are on low villages, and secondly because cards are most easy to get when they just open. For some sets you need royal cards to complete them. For this cards it is necessary to follow a solid strategy. You only build villages during the village rush event when a royal card can be won. If you complete an album you event get more free spins.

Play missions for free spins in Pet Master

It’s normal gameplay, but events are a great way to grow your spins stack too. Why? Because if you play the game wisely you can end up every event with more spins than you started with. Basically, you can play this event until you think the next spins event will cost you more spins than you can win.

Win Pet Master Fee spins on Facebook

Brave Island hasn’t issued free spins links on Facebook for a short while now. In stead of this they offer a chance to win free spins. For this you have to reply on their Facebook post with a screenshot. this can be with your progress in village rush or another quest. I haven’t played in this event and I haven’t seen people winning, but it might help you.

How do you get your Free Spins

Is there a way you get Free Spins that is not on this list? Please let me know via a comment. If you like this page, please share it on social media.

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  1. When I click on the older spin links I get a message saying they’re expired when I click on the two newest spin links I get no message and no spins

    1. You are right Stan. Pet Master has stopped the free spins and coins links. I thought this last link was still a reward but sadly it wasn’t. I hope the Free Spins links will be back shortly. When they do I will add them to this page.

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