Pet Master Free Spins

Pet Master Free Spins

Free Pet Master Coins and Spins Rewards

Pet Master Free Spins help you keep playing this really fun game. Of course you have the 5 free spins every hour. But most of the time these are gone really quick. That’s why I love the links Brave Island issues every day on their Facebook page. To make it easy for you Pet Master players to get all the gifts I collected all the links on this page. Just click on the links to open your daily gifts.

NB. Pet Master Spins gifts are scarce these days. After sending 2 links a day for while now hardly any new Pet Master Free Spins links are issued. If you need extra free spins please comment on the Pet Master Official Trading Facebook group. If you want to be notified if new Free Spins arrive drop your email address below.

Pet Master Free Spins

At this moment the daily free spins are not issued anymore by Brave Master. Leave your email address to be informed when new free spins links arrive.

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Pet Master Free Spins and Coins Links

DatePet Master Free Gift
25.02.202125 SpinsCollect
23.02.202125 SpinsCollect
23.02.202110 Spins, CoinsCollect
22.02.202125 SpinsCollect
22.02.202125 SpinsCollect
21.02.202125 SpinsCollect
21.02.202125 SpinsCollect
20.02.202125 SpinsCollect

Pet Master Free Spins and Coins gift are only valid for three days. Older links cannot be used anymore. If the Pet Master link says “coins” you get coins for free. The amount of free coins is determined by the village you are on. After you collected all Pet Master Free Spins please make sure you follow these strategies to keep your spins stack high!

Things you need to know about Pet Master Free Spins

The most important thing you need to know about the Pet Master Free Spins links on this page is that they are all issued by Brave Island. That means that all the links are genuine and valid. My advice is not to click on other spins links, even if they promise hundreds or thousands of free spins. They are just scams as no one besides the developer of the game can give you free spins.

Pet Master Free Spins limited available

Free Spins Links expired Pet Master

Free links are only valid for a few days. Most of the times the links are valid for three days. Sometimes the validity is a little different, so please try all links. If your gift has expired and you open the link you get a message that the offer has ended. this means you have waited too long to open it. If this happens a lot you’d better visit this website more often. Second, you can use a Pet Master Free Spins link only one time. If you try to open a gift for the second time you get a message that you already used this gift. This doesn’t mean you used the link from our website already, but you might have used it from another Free spins source.

Other ways to get Free Spins

Next to the hourly Free Spins and the Free Spins links there are other ways to get extra spins in Pet Master.

  • Add friends: if you add friends you get Free Spins if they are new to the game and connect via Facebook
  • Gift from friends: If your friends are added to the game they can give you a free spin every day. You can use them as long as your number of spins is below 50. You can store up to 100 spins this way.
  • Roll the dices: if you play the side game Roll the dice there is a spot on the map where you get free spins
  • In chests: Sometimes chests don’t contain cards but they contain spins
  • In a safe during a raid: Sometime a safe is not empty but contains a chest or spins
  • In events: In events like Village rush or Diamond Blaze you get Free Spins rewards for completing a mission
  • Complete a card set: If you complete a card set you get Free Spins

How do you get your Free Spins

Is there a way you get Free Spins that is not on this list? Please let me know via a comment. If you like this page, please share it on social media.

5 thoughts on “Pet Master Free Spins”

  1. When I click on the older spin links I get a message saying they’re expired when I click on the two newest spin links I get no message and no spins

    1. You are right Stan. Pet Master has stopped the free spins and coins links. I thought this last link was still a reward but sadly it wasn’t. I hope the Free Spins links will be back shortly. When they do I will add them to this page.

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