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Pet Master Events: crazy spin boosters

Pet Master has amazing events. These events are held during a specific period of time. In this events you have to complete missions for rewards. The most common rewards in events are spins and coins. Sometimes you get dices as a reward too. These Pet Master events can be very rewarding, but you have to play it wisely. Otherwise they can lose all your spins for nothing. In this post I tell you more about the events and how to play them.

Main events and side events

Pet Master Events can be divided in main events and side events. Main events last for a couple of days. Side events only a few hours. Main events have different kinds of missions, but all share the same idea. You have to collect points to complete a mission. When you complete a mission you get the rewards and missions get harder the longer you play, but the rewards get bigger also. Good to know is that the difficulty of the missions in an event depend on the number of spins you have prior to the event. The lower the number of spins the easier the mission are and the more spins you can gain. Points in main event are given for attacking, raiding or for specific symbols.

Attack events

Pet Master Attack Mania

One of the main events in Pet Master are attack events. In these events you earn points for attacking the village of another player. In these events it doesn’t matter if an attack succeeds or you are blocked. One of the nicest things in these attack events is that you can hit the triple attack. If you get this one you get three attacks in one try. Your bar fills up very quickly. And of course it helps to use the multiplier. After an attack choose a low number of spins to use in the multiplier. The longer it takes to get an attack bet higher, since the chance of getting an attack increases.

Raid events

Raid events share the same idea as attack events. The only difference is that you get the rewards for raiding another player in stead of attacking him. The major advantage of these kinds of events is that when you focus on getting raids your coin stack can increase big time. If you manage to use the multiplier on a high bet just as the next raid comes you will fill your mission bars like crazy. Good to know is that the chance of getting the loot on a raid is one out of three. If you have an empty safe on a raid the next raid will come very quickly. Make sure not to use a low multiplier. This trick can help you a lot in these events.

All Symbol events

Another type of events is the all symbol events. In this type of events a new symbol is added to the wheel. If you hit one, two or three symbols you get points. These events can be a little tricky to play. Of course you get more points if you hit three symbols on a row. But the bigger the number of points for three symbols in a row (10, 12 or 15) the smaller the chance of getting these symbols. But the missions are getting harder when the number of points for three symbols in a row increases. That is why in these events you have to focus on using the multiplier if three symbols on a row is probably close. My tip for these events is to find a pattern. If you know how many spins there are between three symbols in a row you know when to use the multiplier.

Mixed events in Pet Master

Pet Master Mixed events attack raid symbols.

In some events attacks, raids and symbols are sources for getting points. These events are called mixed events, or special events. In these events the chances of getting points is bigger, so the number of points you need to get to complete a mission also is higher. In these events it is best to focus on the combinations that give you the most points. Most of the time these are three symbols in a row, a successful raid or triple attack. Personally this event is my favorite.

Side events in Pet Master

One of the most common side events in Pet Master are the tournament and Village Rush. In tournaments you compete against other Pet Master players to get in the top 10 of you group of 50 players. If you are in the top 10 you get a reward at the end of the event. In these events you usually get points for attacks and raids. Blocked attacked and successful raids give you an extra point. In Village rush you get rewards when you complete your village during the event. The more villages you complete, the more rewards you get. Nice to know is that in this event it sometimes happens you can win an royal card when you complete your fourth village during the event. Be careful with this event though. Since chances of getting specific cards is higher in certain villages you still need to buy chests during this event. Otherwise you will lose a lot of coins completing your card set. If you need more spins to complete the missions, just use the daily free Pet Master spins.

Pet Master events pro tips and tricks

There are some tips and tricks that apply to all events. If you follow these tips you probably end all events with more spins than you started the event with.

  • Check which combination gives you the highest winnings in an event. Find the pattern when this biggest fish comes.
  • Use the multiplier. When you think the next winning combination might pop up use the multiplier. Start with x5 or x10 and increase that every few spins. By doing this you compensate for the loss of spins early in the attempt.
  • Think for yourself if the goal can be reached. If the number of points you need to get is this high compared to the number of spins you have just stop. Wait for the next event to continue.
  • Combine playing the event with Village rush, or buying cards. When you play events you win coins. The most efficient is to use the coins to buy villages during Village rush or buy card sets to complete your card collection. If you just keep the coins chances are that you get robbed big time ;-).

Do you have anymore tips and tricks when you play events? Please add them to the comments and we will share them with other Pet Master players.

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