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Pet Master Chests: Cards for Free Spins!

Pet Master Chests contain cards. These cards give you free spins. At least, when you complete a card set. But this is hard since there are a lot of cards and some are very hard. In this post I tell you all you need to know about chests in Pet Master and how to make sure you get the most cards you need from chests, without losing all your coins.

Three types of Pet Master chests

There are three types of chests: Lion, Owl and Raccoon chests. In these chests there are 2 to 8 cards from all available card sets. Pet Master chests are not free. You have to buy them with the coins you get when you spin the wheel. Let’s discuss the chests in more detail.

Raccoon chest

The raccoon chest has two cards. There is a high chance you get one and two stars cards. This chest is the cheapest chest and will most probably help you with the easiest cards in a card set. Chances of getting a card of certain stars:

  • 1 Star Card: 80.1% 
  • 2 Star Card: 52.6% 
  • 3 Star Card: 21.9% 
  • 4 Star Card: 8.7% 
  • 5 Star Card: 0.2% 

Owl chest

The owl chest has four cards. Chances are high that you find one or more two or three star cards in the chest. This is the middle chest and this makes it not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive chest. Chances of getting a card of certain stars:

  • 1 Star Card: 64.4% 
  • 2 Star Card: 83.6% 
  • 3 Star Card: 73.8% 
  • 4 Star Card: 42.8% 
  • 5 Star Card: 10.5% 

Lion chest

The Lion chest has eight cards. Chances are hight that you find four or five star cards. This makes this chest the most expensive of all chests, but this Pet Master chest is necessary to complete your card sets. Chances of getting a one star card is very low. Chances of getting a card of certain stars:

  • 1 Star Card: 0.01% 
  • 2 Star Card: 91.3% 
  • 3 Star Card: 98.7% 
  • 4 Star Card: 92.6% 
  • 5 Star Card: 70.5% 

How to get your Pet Master chests

Pet Master Chests stars

The most common way to get chests in Pet Master is to buy them in the shop. You pay for the chests with the coins you get when you spin the wheel. Make sure you keep up with your cards as chests get more expensive every village. You don’t want to spend too much coins on chests on a high village. But there are other ways to get you Pet Master chests. I’ll list them here.

  • When you complete a village you get a chest. This chest is random an Raccoon, Owl or Lion chest.
  • When in a raid you open an empty safe there is a chance you get a chest instead.
  • When you complete a village during Village rush.
  • When you land on the right tile in the dice game.

Do you know anymore ways to get free chests. Please list them in the comments below. If you are short in spins, make sure to visit the Free Pet Master Spins page!

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  2. Peter Ledbury

    Please tell me how we are supposed to complete a set of cards and our islands when the cost of chests are so high

    1. Erik

      Hello Peter, I know. Not happy with it also. My way of completing card sets is to trade the white cards, keep an eye on the gold trades and use Golden Airdrops – Majestic edition for the missing royal cards and use the joker cards for the other cards that seem to be extremely rare. Maybe this helps.

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