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Pet Master Cards Collection

The Pet Master cards Collection is a very nice feature to get free spins. Besides that the card sets are fun to watch. Cards can be found in chests, every card is part of a card set, each set is a part of an album. Completing card sets & albums results in great rewards. As you progress, new card sets & albums are unlocked. In this post I tell you how you get your cards and what are the best ways to complete your card sets. Also, I give you more insights in the scarcity of certain cards. These scarce cards are called rare cards. If you complete all card sets in an album you get an extra reward. That makes it interesting to put some effort in getting cards.

Types of cards in Pet Master

Pet Master Card

There are 3 types of cards in Pet Master. These types are common cards, gold cards and royal cards. A common card has a white border. Most of the times that are the easiest cards to get. These cards can also be traded. The second type of cards are the gold cards. These golden cards have a golden border around the card. These cards can only be traded during a gold trade event. Gold trades are daily. Every day 2 gold cards can be traded. The last category of cards are royal cards. These royal cards have a gold border and have a royal sign at the top right of the card. These cards can only be acquired in special events and cannot be traded and as parts of Royal chests.

Joker card for any card

Some cards are more rare than others. In Pet Master getting cards is easier than in Coin Master, but still it is hard to get them all. That’s why it is amazing that you can win Joker cards. A joker card is a card that can be traded for every card you want. White cards, Gold card and even Royal cards. Joker cards can be won in mission, in tournaments and can be found in a Carnival chest. Some special chests contain a Joker card too. When they do, or you have a chance of getting one you know it by clicking on the information i.

Cards sets in Albums

Pet Master Cards Albums

9 card sets together form an album. If you complete all card sets within the album you get an extra reward. The first album is available at the moment you can start to collect card sets. This is when you enter village 5. This is the Royal Raccoon album. If you complete this album you get 1000 spins for free and 250 million coins. A thing to remember is that if you check out the card sets that to get the last card to complete a set in this album you have to get to village 60. In my opinion this way too far in the game. The second album is the Whimsical Walrus album. This album opens at village 22 and has even higher rewards. The third album that is available is the Rascal Rabbit album. This last album opens at village 45. After that, at village 60, opens Elegant Elephant. At village 100 Squirrel Scouts opens. The last two available albums are Crow Coven at 130 and Tiger Tales at 160.

Cards in chests

Pet Master Chests

The most easy way to get your cards is to buy chests. These chests contain 2, 4 or 8 cards. The higher your village level the more expensive the chests become more expensive. If you need some extra spins or coins to buy a chest please check the daily Pet Master Free Spins. In the post about the chests I tell you all you need to know about the best strategies to get them. The most important thing you need to know about chests in this post is that if you want to complete all card sets you have to keep buying chests in all villages. As you progress the cards in the chests progress with you. That means that rare and golden cards from card sets that open early in the game are found more often in lower villages. If you progress to quick you have a harder time to get them. For common cards that is not a problem, you can trade them. Gold cards are almost impossible to get. This means you miss out on free extra spins.

Special Event chests with cards

Next to the ordinary chests there are a lot of special chests. These chests usually not only contain cards, but also spins, dices and coins. They come in events or in the dice game. Also you can get them as extra rewards as you complete missions.

Pet Master cards rarity

Cards in Pet Master not only can be divided in common, gold or rare, but also in the number of stars. The higher the number of stars the more rare a card is. Most of the time the common cards have the lowest number of stars and the gold and royal cards have the highest number of stars. That means that gold and royal cards are the most hard to get. This also reflects in the probability you find a certain card in a chest.

Cards probability in chests

A good thing to know about cards in chests is the the probability. If you buy the cheapest chest chances are high you get a card with few stars. Moon active on it’s website tells you this about the chances of getting cards with certain stars out of chests.

Raccoon Chest

Contains a total of 2 Cards, and the probability for receiving at least one of the cards from each rarity level is as follows:

  • 1 Star Card: 80.1% 
  • 2 Star Card: 52.6% 
  • 3 Star Card: 21.9% 
  • 4 Star Card: 8.7% 
  • 5 Star Card: 0.2% 

​Owl Chest

Contains a total of 4 Cards, and the probability for receiving at least one of the cards from each rarity level is as follows:

  • 1 Star Card: 64.4% 
  • 2 Star Card: 83.6% 
  • 3 Star Card: 73.8% 
  • 4 Star Card: 42.8% 
  • 5 Star Card: 10.5% 

Lion Chest 

Contains a total of 8 Cards, and the probability for receiving at least one of the cards from each rarity level is as follows:

  • 1 Star Card: 0.01% 
  • 2 Star Card: 91.3% 
  • 3 Star Card: 98.7% 
  • 4 Star Card: 92.6% 
  • 5 Star Card: 70.5% 

Trading cards in Pet Master

If you have troubles getting your card sets complete you can always try to trade your missing cards. This works for the common cards (with the white border). You can do this with your friends. But if your friends don’t have the cards you can always become a member of the Official Pet Master Trading Group. In this group there are aver 50,000 people playing Pet Master. Chances are big that at least one of them can help you complete the card set. As it only makes sense to ask for help if you are about to complete the set, it is best only to ask for help if you have all gold and royal cards in a set.

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  1. Shelagh Waters-Hewitt

    I ha e first album only and am on level 62. Why didnt the other albums open? I keep getting cards in chests that are obviously for other albums. Am i losing these cards or are they being stored for those albums? I am having problems completing sets csuse i didnt knoe i had to buy chests all the time…. only just found out!
    Thank you

    1. Barry Innes

      All the sets are there you scroll down

    2. Julie McGlashan

      I thought this until I found this page. Scroll down, the other albums are above. I’d like to trade without having to become friends on Facebook, does anyone know if this is possible.

  2. Selvam ravichandran

    Invite link but not added friend list

  3. Terrance lund

    I only need 3/4 cards to complete royal Raccoon album page, and I can’t open the next page off the album, so I don’t know what cards I have or what card to ask for when a gold trade comes up. Please could you help me out and tell me how to open the next page, thankyou

  4. Samboitaliano

    Has anyone figured out how to send more then 5 cards in 24 hours? I know changing the date in the phone settings doesn’t work like it did on coin master

  5. K

    What does the number in the red box next to cards mean?
    Thanks! 😊

    1. Erik

      That is the number of new cards you collected since the last time you checked an album.

      1. K

        Great, thanks! 🙂

  6. Per-Olov

    I cant trade gold cards. When i typ do do it is just blink in the bottom of the screen.

  7. Karen

    When are new albums opening as I have been completed for months now

    1. Erik

      Looking forward to that too Karen. Reach out to MoonActive support. They are the creators of this game.

    2. Grant

      I have filled every album, will more be opening up?

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