You are currently viewing Joker card for any card you want in Pet Master!

Joker card for any card you want in Pet Master!

The Joker Card is a new card in Pet Master. This Joker card is a card you definitely want, because you can trade it for any card you want, even a Royal card. This means you can complete all sets and albums you are desperate to get your final card for. But how do you get the Joker card and what is the best way to use it. In this post I tell you everything you need to now about this amazing new card.

How do you get a Joker card in Pet Master

Joker card pet master

A Joker card is not a card you get from a regular chest. It might be in a special chest or you can get it by winning a tournament. The first Joker card you can win is in the current Carnival tournament. If you reach first place the card is yours. If you get second or third in the tournament you get a Carnival chest. One out of 10 chests contain a Joker card too. So, you might get lucky to get a very welcome card!

Best ways to use a jour card

There are several strategies you can use to spend your Joker Card. You can choose to trade this card for a common card, gold card or even a royal card. The most obvious way is to use them to get your Royal cards. If you need these to complete your card set or even an album this might be your way to go. You will love the spins from it. If you need anymore spins, just go for the free spins links. But Royal cards van also be easily obtained by completing villages during village rush. As you commence buying chests gets harder and harder, so you might end up missing other cards. You can choose to trade your Joker card for a card you have to buy so many chests for that it is the best way to go.

How do you use your Joker Card in Pet Master

For people playing Coin Master the Joker Card is obvious. So, maybe you can share your thoughts about how ot use this card the best way in Pet Master. Help your follow players and keep enjoying this awesome game!

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  1. Frank

    Thanks for the information about the new Joker card. It will obviously be the most sought after card in the game.

  2. Brad

    It’s a great card if you get one. Can use it as any card you want great for finishing sets.


    Love this game. Pet Master

    1. Sladjana

      Love this game. Pet Master

  4. Suresh Singh Rajpurohit

    Need spin and more dise jokar Card plz help mi

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