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How to complete your card sets in Pet Master

Card sets and albums are a great way to get the extra spins you need to advance in Pet Master. You get these cards from chests. But how do you manage to get all cards? In this post I give you the strategies I use to get all cards without spending too many coins on this. And let me be very clear in advance: You should buy chests to get your cards as early in the game as possible.

Chests get more expensive every next village

Pet Master Chests

First you need to know that with every village you advance the chests you buy get more expensive. That is one of the reasons you need to buy chests early in the game. At least until you have all cards you can get complete. If you move towards village 75 chest prices for the lion chest are already over 160 million per chest. Compare that to the Lion chest price in village 35 of 22 million coins you have a very big reason to start buying soon. If you need Pet Master Free Spins to get more coins, please visit this link regularly.

Complete your card sets get harder and harder

Pet Master Complete your card sets

As I have seen in multiple accounts is that some cards are harder to get than other cards. Best chance to get all cards, also the rare cards, is to buy chests the moment a card becomes available. Why? With moving up in villages the focus of your cards moves too. Card sets that become available have the biggest chance of getting cards for. Cards you miss in earlier sets will have a lesser and lesser chance to come by. They certainly will come, but probably only after you spend billions of coins on low star recent cards. If you buy chests at the moment new cards become available you don’t have to spend too many coins

Trade cards with a white border

Cards with a white border are the only cards that can be traded. Use this to fill new cards that open quickly. In Pet Master missing cards are added to some chests. But these missing cards mostly appear only after you have spend a lot of coins on regular cards. If you trade these cards with a white border you tell Pet Master that you have already added these. Chances of getting the golden or rare cards raise significantly.

What are your tips and tricks to complete your card sets?

I use the strategies mentioned above. But that probably are other ways to complete your card sets. Can you please show us your tactics and strategies to complete you card sets.

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    jair antunes da silva

  3. So I’ve completed a few cents how do I use the completed sets to get more spins?

    So I’ve completed a few cents how do I use the completed sets to get more spins?

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