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Golden trades in Pet Master

Pet Master Golden Cards Trade

For a long time the only way you could get your golden cards in Pet Master was to buy chests. A lot of chests. But since a few days now Pet Master has a new feature: Golden trades. During a golden trade you can give gold edged cards to your friends. Together you can complete your card sets quicker and get your extra spins in the game. In this post I tell you all you need to know about this new amazing feature.

Golden trades event

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Golden trades in Pet Master is like an event. Everyday 2 gold edged cards are available to trade. You can send them to your friends the same way as a normal card. It is important to know that during this event you cannot trade all golden cards, but only the two that are available to trade. And of course you are bound at the maximum of 5 cards per day you can send. Watch for the golden trade symbol to become active to use this feature. Good to know is that if you have received a golden card it is not necessary to open it during the trade time. After the event ended you are still able to add it to your card set. Good to know that in Gold trade events Royal cards cannot be traded. At least, until now there has not been any Royal card been available for trading.

Join Facebook groups to trade golden cards

If you want a bigger chance to get your missing golden cards then it might be a good idea to join one or more Pet Master trading groups on Facebook. The Official Pet Master Trading group is a good starting point. With over 120K followers there is a great chance at least one of them can help you.

Be generous with your cards

Duplicate cards are not very useful. Especially golden cards. So, if you can help another player, please do! This way Pet Master becomes a way better game with an injection of extra spins once in a while! If you are not able to complete a card set during golden trades you can always use our daily free spins links.

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