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Build Boost: Complete a village at a discount

Build Boost is a new event in Pet Master. In this side event you can buy village items at a discount. The first Build Boost i’ve seen is the one where you get a 60% discount on the village items in the last row. They are the most expensive. In this post I tell you everything you need to know about this new event in Pet Master

What is Build Boost

Build Boost is a side event in Pet Master in which you can buy Village items at a discount. Coin Master players know this event as Village Mania. There are two types of discounts. In the first you get a 60% discount on all items on the last row of the village. The most expensive ones. As we compare this event with Village Mania, there will be another variant of this event with a discount on all village items. Probably like 20%.

When do we get Build Boost

Build Boost is an event that lasts for about 1 hour at a time. It is one of the side events like Village rush and Bet Boost. One cannot predict when this side event is coming. So if you are in need of a discount in village items, you just have to check the game regularly. If you do, make sure you use all of our Free Spins Links.

It it worth it

Especially when you get to the higher villages this side event can be a real game changer. The discount on your villages goes up to several billion coins. And what if you could combine the different Build Boosts. This way you can save up to 35% of your total Village cost. And even Better, build the last village item during Village Rush. This way you profit the most from this event.

How do you build your villages?

How do you build your villages. Do you only play during events and what are your favorites? I build during Village Rush with royal cards to complete my card collections. But Build Boost will definitely be an event I am going to use.

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