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Big raids in Pet Master

Big raids in Pet Master help you grow your Coins stack really fast. This of course seems easy, but how do you get the most out of the safe from your Pet Master. There are some ground rules you can follow. In this post I tell you all you need to know to get the most coins from a raid.

Raid in Pet Master

When you hit the three raccoons in the slot machine you can have a shot at raiding your Pet Master. You have a chance of 1 out of 3 to hit the jackpot. In the jackpot you find a number of coins, depending on the coin stack of your opponent. The nice part of raids is that if you hit an empty safe you keep the other safes for a second attempt. So, if you hit the three raccoons again you have a 1 out of 2 chance of winning. And if you miss the second attempt you are certain that in the next raid you hit the jackpot. This amazing feature we are going to use to in our Big Raids strategy.

Big raids strategy

Pet Master Raids Certain win

The big raids strategy consists of a few simple steps. First, play at a low multiplier until you get a Pet Master with a lot of coins. If you get one the strategy starts. The first chance when you raid your opponent is 1 out of 3. That is not the best shot, so we start of with a low multiplier. If you have balls of steal you play the low multiplier until you hit the first raid. If you are successful than the whole sequence starts over again. If you are unlucky your chances of winning increase. Raise the multiplier and start spinning again. If you are unlucky again you are certain that in the next safe your reward is hidden. So this is the moment to maximize your multiplier and go. Just wait for the magic to happen.

How to get a filthy rich Pet Master for Big Raids

pet master big raid

If you are just a regular player with a lot of friends chances are big that you only get small winning from your Pet Master. The best thing you can do is to get some friends that have a lot of coins stacked. And of course you start stacking coins too. First, most of the raids you get are from your friends. So if they have a lot of coins you can win a lot of coins from them. If you do this all at a high multiplier you make up for the lost coins to your friends big time.

What is the biggest raid you’ve had?

Have you used the same technic as I did or do you have another strategy? Please tell me in the comments. Let’s learn from each other. And a last tip to close this post. If you are in need of spins to get to the maximum multiplier, make sure you check out the Free Spins page!

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