Pet Master is a fairly new Spin, Attack and Raid game. Although it looks a lot like Coin Master it has some nice additional features. Let me show you how to play Pet Master and know the best strategies to keep playing this amazing game.

Play Pet Master the first time

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When you first download Pet Master on Android or iOS you have to choose if you want to connect to Facebook or play as a guest. If you connect to Facebook you get some nice bonuses and you van play with your friends. After that you start by learning how to play the game. You spin the wheel, build your first item, attack your first enemy and raid the first safe. You also get your first dices to play on the reward board. With your first spins and coins you will easily be able to finish your first village.

Connect to Facebook for extra rewards

Pet Master Facebook connect for extra rewards

It is common for these kinds of games to give rewards for a connection to Facebook. This benefits both. Pet Master sees you play the game longer and you get nice extra rewards. In Pet Master you get 50 extra spins and 1 million coins. Especially in the beginning of the game this is huge and gives you a nice advantage.

Spin and play

The basics of Pet Master is to spin. Each spin you earn rewards. This can be coins if you have a combination of items, an attack, a raid, a shield or free spins. You can keep spinning until all your spins are gone. If your number of spins is below 50 you get 5 spins for free every hour. Every few spins you get an attack or a raid. When you get one of these you visit the village of another Pet Master player. If you have an attack you fire an arrow on a village item. If you get a raid you can open a safe in the village to try to steal the coins.

In the first village you can spin at 1x and you have to spin manually. In the second village you unlock the auto spin feature. This way you can have the game spin for you automatically. Also the more you advance you unlock spinning at a higher bet. The bet is also determined by the number of spins you have. For example, I am at village 7 now, with over 500 spins and I can bet at 20x.

Build villages

One of the main objectives in Pet Master is to build villages. These villages represent your progress in the game. A village consists of 25 items, which you buy with the coins you earned by spinning the wheel. The first village is cheap. This village will cost you 1.2 million coins. You get this amount just by playing the tutorial. After that every village gets more expensive. To protect your village from being crushed in an attack you can collect shields or just build villages one by one. For this last tactic it is good to know the cost for each village. For the villages I already played you can find the Pet Master Village Cost here.

Attack in Pet Master

In Pet Master there are two types of attacks. First you have the single attack. In this attack you have 1 arrow to throw at an enemy. This attack can destroy a village item in your opponents village or be blocked. If your attack gets through you get more coin rewards than when it get’s blocked. In events it usually is better to have a blocked attack. Second you have the three way attack. This attack is only in Pet Master. In this attack you have 3 arrows to attack with. With this attack you have a higher chance of destroying village items and get better rewards. To protect your village from arrows you need to keep your shields up.

Raids in Pet Master

If you get a raid you go to the village of the other player. In his village you see three safes. In one of the safes the loot is stored, so you have a 33% chance of getting the reward. If you open an empty safe you don’t get a reward. Keep spinning and when you get another raid you go back to the same village and you have another chance on the two remaining safes. If you are unlucky again you are sure to open the right safe on your third raid. If you wait too long you don’t get back to the same village and you have to start again. After you have opened the safe you don’t have to open the empty safes anymore and you go to the next village immediately.

Pet Master cards collection for extra rewards

A feature you see in a lot of games that are similar to Pet Master is that you can collect cards. So, 9 cards together are a card set. Moreover, several card sets together form an album. If you complete the card set or album you get a reward. For example, for the first card set in Pet Master you get 50 free spins. Every next card set gives you a bigger reward. To get the card you have to open chests. Chests are rewarded to you in events or after you complete a village. If you want extra chests you have to buy them from the coins you earned while spinning.

The cards you need in a set range from fairly common to rare. So, the higher the number of stars the more rare a card is and it will be much more difficult to this card. If you have troubles completing a card set you can try to trade the cards. The best platform to do this is to join the official Pet Master Trading Group on Facebook.

Pet Master Free Spins

It really happens a lot that if you play Pet Master that you run out of spins. That is especially annoying if you are close to the finish of a mission in an event or when you want to complete your village. That is when you need these daily Free Spins link. All links are by the developer of the game and therefore safe to use! Come back for your daily Pet Master Free Spins.

Events in Pet Master

One of the most entertaining features of Pet Master are events. In events you have missions. Of course, if you complete a mission you get a reward. These rewards can be spins, coins or chests. Events can be divided into mission events and tournaments. In a mission event you have to complete missions to get your rewards. Each mission is more difficult, but the rewards will be bigger. In a tournament you have to compete against 49 other Pet Master players. You get points for attacking and raiding and the player with the most points wins the biggest reward. Consequently, for the first 10 of 50 people playing there is a reward. The group you are added in is a combination of players starting at the same time and with roughly the same progress in the game.

Roll the dice

One of the nice side features is the board. That is, you get to the board if you spin three dices in a row or if you have earned a free dice. Free dices are unlocked when you enter village 4. You get a free dice every 4 hours, with a maximum of 6. When you enter the board you see a playing board with rewards. You roll the dice and walk along the path. When you land on a spot with a reward it is yours. Every few turns your board is upgraded. You can than choose to upgrade one of the rewards on the board. Also new rewards land on you board occasionally.

Offers in Pet Master

Just as Coin Master in Pet Master it is very easy to spend a lot of real money. You get popups when you open the game and when you are out of spins you get offers to buy more spins. Of course it is up to you, but make sure you don’t spend all your money on the game. In my opinion buying spins is very expensive and in the end it is just a game, meant for fun. You’d better learn how to play the game strategically and end up every event with more spins than you started with. Want to know how? Please leave a comment on the site. Soon I will add a few posts on how to play events the best way.

Do you like to play Pet Master?

Please let me know if you like to play Pet Master. What do you like and what maybe annoys you.