Set Blast: this is how you profit most!

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Set Blast in Coin Master

Every Coin Master player knows Set Blast. This event gives you 30% more spins, xp and pet food during the event duration. So, this event is definitely the best moment to complete your card sets. But how do you manage to get your missing cards at that specific moment? In this post I tell you how I use Set blast to boost my game.

How to complete your card sets

Basically there are 3 ways to get cards to complete your card sets. First, you can buy chests. Second, you can trade cards. Third, you can play Viking Quest for your missing gold cards. Okay, there is a fourth way: the joker card, but let’s be fair. The chances of a gold card are very small, so we skip this for now. Let’s take a look at the options and how you can benefit from them in Set Blast.

Buy chests during Set Blast

When Set Blast is on you can start buying chests like crazy. You probably have to buy a lot of chests and hope you get the card you need to complete the card set. You’d better have stacked a lot of coins and are at a boom village. So, this trick can work, but it is a huge gamble. Besides, buying chests is more profitable during Cards Boom.

Play Viking Quest

If you need gold cards Viking Quest is an awesome way to get them. Guaranteed you get one or two gold cards you don’t have. Problem is that Viking Quest and Set Blast are never at the same moment. Only exception if this event is a gift in the free spins links issued by Coin Master. So, yes this option works to complete your card sets, but you probably will never get the advantages from this Blast.

Trade cards for Set Blast

The third way to get your missing cards is by trade. If you need one, or a few cards (not golds) you can trade you cards during a Blast. This guarantees you a complete card set. Make sure you don’t overpay your cards. Just check out the rare cards list. You can use several Facebook groups for that. Nice to know is that other players are more willing to help during Set Blast because they know you benefit most. Let me also share a pro tip with you. You don’t have to wait until a Blast to trade your missing cards. You can trade always. The pro tip is to leave the card in your gifts, and only open it during the Blast. This way you can store a gold card already too! When Set Blast is on, just take out the cards and complete your card set.

The best moment to use a Blast

Of course getting extra spins helps you all the time. But there is a specific moment you can use this event best. That moment is when you have lost a lot of spins in an event trying to complete a mission. If you ran under 10,000 spins and have a hard time to get them back you can use Set Blast to boost you spins stack again. If you use this event when you already have loads of spins it helps you less, since events get harder when you have above 10,000 spins.

Set Blast FAQ

How do I know Set Blast is coming?

Simple, you don’t know if this event is coming. But you can be sure that during the main events this event is on several times. Wait for it when you complete your card sets.

What to do if I need a really rare card

If you need a rare card it probably is very hard to get it yourself, and if you want to trade it is gonna cost you a lot. Try to figure out for yourself if completing the set is worth it. If it helps you complete Brazil it probably will, since this card sets gives you 15,000 spins and with Set Blast even 19,500.

Does Set Blast have a bonus of 30% always?

Usually you get a 30% extra reward on all rewards during Set Blast. In a few cases the rewards in this event are 50% extra. These occasions are very rare, though, so you’d better not wait for this.

Do you use Set Blast

Do you try to wait for the Blast to complete your card sets? I know I do, but maybe you think it is unnecessary and you open sets as you can. I am curious, let me know via the comments.

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