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Raid Madness Strategies

Raid Madness is the event in which you have to look for three pigs in a row. When this happens you can raid another player and add loads of coins to your coin stack. And that’s not all. In this event you have to complete missions in which you get even extra rewards. But, three pigs are rare and don’t come that often as the hammers for attacks. That’s why you should read this post. I tell you the best way to play Raid Madness, and both add spins and coins to your stack.

How to Raid in Coin Master

One of the main objectives in Coin Master is to raid other players Vikings Village. This way you can loot their coins and use them to buy items in your village or buy chests. To raid you have to get three pigs in a row. In Raid Madness you get rewards when you finish your missions.

Rewards in Raid Madness

The extra rewards in Raid Madness consist of Coins, Spins and XP. Each mission has one of these rewards. If there is also Rewards Mania you get a bonus reward if you complete a mission. With each new mission the rewards get better (and bigger). But, you also need more raids to complete the missions. That’s why I give you insights in how I play this event.

Betting strategies in Raid Madness

As I said, three pigs in a row is rare. On average there are three attacks for every raid. That’s why you need to play this event wisely. If you do you can gain a lot of coins and spins. This is how I play.

1. Find the pattern

On average you get a raid for every three attacks. That doesn’t mean you can just play and bet higher after three attacks. Sometimes two raids are close to each other, sometimes there are 6 attacks between raids. To find the pattern you should play at 1x for at least a hundred spins. In this you can find out how the pattern for this event is. When you do, you have your first clue when a new raid is coming.

2. Watch for visual clues for raids

A second good thing to do is to look for visual clues. This means that if a raid is coming you see more and more pigs in your screen when you spin. If you see pigs a few times you know it is time to bet higher. Also, If you have spinned a few times and there is no raid, take your loss and bet lower again. this way you know you are not wasting precious spins. And when the clues come back you try again.

3. Take your loss

It might happen that you see the visual clues and not get a raid. It is a good idea to lower your bet again. And yes, it might happen that just after you lowered your bet you get the raid. Take the loss and wait for the next raid to come!

4. Know when to stop in Raid Madness

The best advice in Raid Madness is to know when to stop. There are a few ground rules you have to follow when you play this event. First, stop playing if you know it is impossible to finish your next mission. Nothing worse than having no more spins after an event. Second, stop when you know completing a mission costs you more spins than you gain. An exception on this is if you play for the extra coins you can win to complete your village.

Raid Madness FAQ

Can you choose who to raid in Coin Master

No, you can’t choose who you raid in Coin Master. There is no “revenge” button to choose a person. People you most likely raid are your friends and people who have a lot of coins.

Can you prevent from being raided

Just as you cannot decide who you can raid, there also is no way you can prevent from being raided. The only solution is to spend all your coins. But if you advance in this game that would be a bad advice.

How do I get more raids in Coin Master

There is no way how you can get more raids. You can however bet higer. This way you get more raids (and rewards) for the single raid on another player.

What is the difference between Raid Madness and Raid Rush

The main difference between Raid Madness and Raid Rush is that on the latter you not only get rewards for raiding another vikings village, but you also get raid points for having three themed icons in a row. This way you advance faster in the event and you get more and bigger rewards.

How do you play Raid Madness?

What strategies do you use to play Raid Madness? Are they the same as I, or do you have a different approach. Please let me know via the comments!

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