Coin Master Village Cost

Coin Master Village Cost

Building villages is one of the key goals in Coin Master. In order to do that you need coins. However, if you build your village and you don’t have enough coins to build the village at once there is a big chance you get attacked. Consequently, you need to rebuild your village over and over again. That’s why it is good to know the Coin Master Village Cost. If you know the village cost you know how many coins you need to build the village at once.

Calculate village cost

It is not difficult to calculate how many coins you need to build a village at once. You just have to make an easy calculation. Just take a look at the village you need to build en look at the price of the first item on the last row. Multiply that price with 30 and you have a very close calculation of the total village price for that village. And although it is not an exact science it is definitely a good indication. If you need free spins to keep playing and saving coins you can find these on the free spins strategy page.

Coin Master Village Price List

Of course you can do the calculation yourself, but how easy is it if we just give you the list with village costs. In the list below you can look for the village you need to build and what the total price for that village is.

Coin Master Village List

At the moment I write this post there are 266 villages in Coin Master. And the total cost of every village gets higher every village. I, myself, am at village 182, for example, now and the costs of that village are about 61 billion coins. You can use the list above also to see how every village get’s more expensive. On desktop screens the name of the village is shown directly in the table. On mobile screens, however, you need to tab on the plus-sign to open the village name.

Do you check the Coin Master Village cost before you build?

Do you check how many coins you need before you start to build a village? I ask this because you might be interested then in other strategies to get your spins and coins stack as high as possible. For instance, do you use the big raids technique? Please, let me know in the comments how you play Coin Master and if you check the Coin Master Village Cost beforehand.

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