Big Raids tactics – huge coin winnings!

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Big Raids in Coin Master

A big raid is a raid on another Coin Master player for multiple millions, at a high bet and preferably with Foxy active. This describes the big raids technique in only one sentence. But it isn’t that simple. In this post I tell you how you can play Coin Master in a way you get rewarded so big your coin stack will go through the roof!

Why do you need Big Raids?

The village cost of every next village grows. So, it takes you longer to complete a village. This means you can get attacked more often and have to start over and over again. It is best to build a village only when you have enough coins to build it at once. On the lower villages that is not a problem, but when you get to village 128, for example, you need 10 billion coins to build it. At that times it would be great if you could get that amount of coins with a single raid!

How do you play for big raids

There are a few things you have to consider when you go for awesome raids, all the time. First, raids are mainly on your Coin Master friends, and are based on their amount of coins. If you have a lot of friends with little coins you get little coins for your rewards. Second, if you play at a higher bet the rewards are multiplied by your bet. Third, three pigs don’t come as much as attacks, so learn the pattern in the game. And fourth, invest all your xp in Foxy until you reach the 99% level. I’ll go into the details now.

1) Minimize your friends list and keep the ones with a lot of coins

Since raids come from friends most of the time having a lot of friends will make you an easy target for them. This way you are raided from your well earned coins pretty easy. So, the first step is to lose a lot of friends. Try to keep around 5 to 10 friends. The friends you keep are the ones who have a lot of coins. Maybe you can all agree to play for big raids.

2) Start building up your coins stack

If you play for big raids you have to have coins stacked yourself too. Let’s say a minimum of 2 billion coins all the time, so your friends can have big raids on you too. Don’t get scared that if you stack coins you will lose them all on raids. If you a raid on a friend for 20 million on 20x bet with foxy you get 800 million coins. It takes a lot of raids to lose that and with little friends you probably won’t even notice.

3) Build up a stack of spins for big raids

12,000 spins for Big Rewards

When you want big raids you have to play at a higher bet. This means you have spins stacked. Try to have around 3,000 spins when you start. Better is to have around 10,000 spins. This way you can safely bet at a high amount without losing all your spins. Need more spins? Check out these daily free spins!

4) Bet higher only when a big raid is coming

In Coin Master you can see what the amount is you can win from your Coin Master. If this is a low value, like 1 million, it is not worth going for it. That means you can get a total winning of like 200 million if you hit a perfect raid with Foxy active. Better is to wait until your coin master has over 20 million or even 50 million. For me that is the maximum amount I can win from my Coin Master. Do that times 100 and with Foxy it gives a raid of around 10 billion coins! That’s a big raid!

5) Upgrade and feed Foxy

Foxy is my favorite pet. This pet gives you more coins on raids. This can be up to 99% more. This way you can almost double your winnings in raids. So, invest all the xp you get in upgrading Foxy. Also when you play, make sure you feed Foxy. Use the daily 15 minutes free time and if you need more time use your Pet Food. It is definitely worth it!

How do you play Coin Master

What is your winning strategy in Coin Master? Do you buy spins and coins with real money or do you play by a system? I am wondering how many players have a big raids strategy. Please let me know in the comments!

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