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Attack Madness Strategies

Attack Madness is one of the main events in Coin Master. In this events you have to attack other players to get your rewards. Of course, the rewards are big, but getting the attacks at the right moment is difficult too. That’s why I share my learnings with you so you have the best chance of winning big in this amazing event.

How do you play Attack Madness

Attack Madness is a simple event. You just attack your friends and enemies. To get your rewards you have to complete missions. For each mission you have to have a certain amount of attacks. If you bet higher you proceed faster. And that’s what you need to do, since for each mission you need more attacks. But how do you play this event without losing all your spins? Just follow my strategies.

1. Bet high when an attack is due

Just as with Raid Madness, to win Attack Madness you should play smart. This means you have to bet low if there is no attack and bet high if an attack is coming up. There is no one who can tell you when an attack is due, but you can make an educated guess.

2. Find the pattern

This educated guess is something you can learn. The first thing you need to do when you play Attack Madness is to look for the pattern. In each event there is some number of spins between attacks. This number is not equal between all attacks, but if you look for like 20 attacks you will find it. This helps you determine when to bet higher.

3. Know when to stop

This is the most important thing you need to know about Attack Madness. You need to know what is a good moment to stop playing. This moment is not when you run out of spins, but when you know you cannot complete the next mission, or complete it without losing more spins than you can win. And even better: at the event in which you can win spin rewards. You should always stop after you have won spins.

Attack Madness FAQ

Everything you need to know about this Attack event and nobody could answer.

Do I get attacked more often during Attack Madness?

Coin Master Players are looking for more attacks during Attack Madness. You can prevent yourself from being attacked in two ways. First, you can keep your shields up. Second, and best, is not to build items in your village until you have enough coins to build a village at once.

What is the difference between Attack Madness and Attack Rush?

In both Attack Madness and Attack rush the objective is to attack other players to get rewards. The only difference is that you not only get mission points for attacks, but also for getting three theme items in a row. This gives you multiple mission points at the same time and you finish the mission faster.

What if I don’t want to look for the pattern?

There is a lazy way of playing Attack Madness. It is not as good as when you find the pattern, but you can still win a lot of spins and coins. It goes like this: First spin 10 times at 1x. After that spin 10 times at 5x. If you still haven’t found an attack continue this with a higher bet every 10 spins. And when you find an attack start all over again.

Can I get extra rewards during Attack Madness?

Yes, there are two ways to get extra rewards during this event. First you can complete the missions within the tournament. Second you can wait for Rewards Mania. In this last event you get bonus rewards for completing your event missions.

Do I activate Tiger during Attack Madness?

You can activate Tiger during this event. It will give you extra rewards for attacking people. My favorite pet is still Foxy as the rewards for Foxy are much bigger than the rewards for Tiger.

How do you play Attack Madness?

Do you recognize the strategies I use for playing Attack Madness? They work for you too? Or do you play completely different? Let me know via the comments, so we can learn form each other. Thank you.

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