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The ultimate Coin Master Teams guide 2023

Teams are a great way to collaborate with other players and earn rewards in Coin Master. Teams consist of a maximum of 50 players, and within a team, you can give each other spins and cards, and play for a team chest. We definitley advise you to join a team on Coin Master.

How does teams work on Coin Master

Participating in a team in Coin Master is easy. Just join a team. Play for raids and attacks to collect points and grab some amazing extra rewards. Rewards can be spins, coins or chests.

How to join a team

To join a team, click on the teams icon on the home screen. You will see a list of teams that have open spots. You can also search for a specific team by name. Once you find a team that you want to join, click on the “Join” button. Remember, there are teams you might not be able to join. That are teams that require a minimum number of stars or that are “closed”. This means you can only enter on invitation.

Tips on how to choose the best Coin Master Teams

There are a lot of teams in Coin Master. Most of them have a few seats available. But which team do you choose to join? Here are soms tips you can use to choose your best team.

  • Look at the number of stars. The higher the number of stars the “better” players are in the team. This means higher rewards for you. Remember, they probably expect you to play a lot too.
  • Look at the country. If you want to chat with team members in your own languague. It is best to choose a team from your own country. Chances are high that there are people who speak your language.
  • If you have joined a team look at the team activity. Are most people playing, or do a lot of players still have zero points in the event. Teams with less activity will give you less chances of getting the big rewards.

How to create a team

If you don’t want to join an existing team, you can also create your own. To do this, click on the “Create Team” button. You will need to enter a name for your team, and you can also choose a team logo. You can also choose the team to be open to everyone, or require a minimum of stars, or even only on invitation. Once you have created your team, you can invite your friends to join.

Benefits of playing in a team

There are many benefits to playing in a team in Coin Master. Here are a few of them:

  • You can trade cards with other team members. This can help you complete sets and progress in the game.
  • You can donate spins to other team members. This can help them spin the wheel and get more rewards.
  • You can build a castle together. For every item your team builds, the whole team gets a reward.
  • You can work together to fill the team chest. When the team chest is full, you will all earn rewards.
  • You can participate in team chest leagues. These are competitions between teams to see who can collect the most coins. The winning team will earn great rewards.

Rewards in Coin Master Teams

Coin Master Teams can give you amazing rewards. If you are in a good team each event will give you spins, coins, chests, XP and what else is available in the event. But there are two things to remember:

  • You have to be a team member before the event starts to get rewards
  • If you leave a team during an event you will not get the team rewards (except for the team castle event, you will get the rewards your team already collected)

So, changing teams means you will miss out on some rewards. Best moment to chance teams is just before the end of a Team Castle event.

Leaving a team in Coin Master

If you don’t want to be in a team anymore you can choose to leave the team. You can click on the leave button in the teams tab. Also you can be kicked out of a team by the owner of a team. Usually this happens if the team is ambitious to enter a higher league and they will have more active players to join the team.

Coin Master Team events

One of the most important benefits of teams in Coin Master is that you can participate in events to earn great rewards. Here I give you the team events that are currently available.

Team Chests

To play for the team chest, you need to collect points. The more points you collect, the faster the team chest will fill up. You can collect points by attacking other players’ villages, and raiding other players’ villages.

  • Attack: 2 points
  • Succesful Attack: 3 points
  • Raid: 4 points
  • Perfect Raid: 5 points

Also, if you use the spins multiplier the number of points you can win is multiplied with your spins multiplier.

To win rewards in the Team chest you need to get more points than your threshold value. This value depends on the village number you are on. You can check if you have fulfilled your minimum number of points by opening the teams tab en click on the team chest and click on “My team”. At that moment you see how many points you still need or if you have met the requirement how many points you have.

Participate in the Team Chest League

If you are in a team you automatically enter the Team Chest League. This event is a competition between teams. All the points you score as a team are calculated. The team with the highest number of points win. If you end up in the top of your league your team is promoted to a higher league. Biggest benefit is that the Team chest rewards get better. If you end up in the bottom of your league you are demoted to a lower league. This means smaller rewards, but these are less difficult to reach.

The Team Castle event

The Team Castle event is a little different from the Team Chest event. In this event you play to earn points. This is the same, but now you use your points to help your team buy items in the team castle. The more points you and your team collect, the more items in the castle you can buy. For every item your team buys the whole team gets a reward. If you manage to complete the whole castle their is a big extra spins reward.

Here are some additional tips for playing in teams:

  • Be active and contribute to the team. This means donating spins, collecting coins, and participating in events.
  • Be respectful of other team members. This means not attacking their villages or raiding their resources.
  • Have fun! Playing in teams is a great way to collaborate with other players and earn rewards.

Are you a Coin Master teams member?

If you are a Coin Master teams member, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about your team and your experiences playing in teams.

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