Coin Master Strategies

Coin Master is an awesome game in which you spin, attack and raid. With the coins you earn you build villages and complete card sets, If you start playing you probably will progress really quick and build villages fast, but after a while villages become more expensive and it takes a while before you get to the next village. For general tips and tricks go to the Coin Master help files. If you want expert tips and tricks just read the strategies on this website. Together with the ways to get Free daily Spins you keep this game fun and you will make great progress.

Raid Madness - Coin Master

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Attack Madness - Coin Master

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Build villages in Coin Master

To win this game you have to complete villages. Every next village is a little more expensive than the previous. If you want to know how many coins it costs to complete a village look here.

Attacks and raids

Besides spinning you can get coins for attacking and raiding other players. There even are special events for that. Use these to your advantage!

Collect cards

To play this game you have to have spins. You will get 5 every hour. You can get more by completing card sets. You get them via chests. Buy a lot of chests. Use this list of villages where you can get the most cards out of chests.

Use your Pets

In Coin Master you have 3 pets who help you during the game. These are Foxy, Tiger and Rhino. You hatch them in the first few villages and complete card sets. These pets help you get more coins or defend your village. Make sure to use them!

Play in events

Every day there are various events in which you can get extra spins, coins and xp to feed your pets. Play them, but play them wisely. Tips on how to play Attack Madness, Raid Madness and Special events you also get here.

More tips and tricks in Coin Master

These and a lot more tips and tricks you will find on this website. If you have any extra tips and tricks please share them!