Coin Master Rare Cards

Coin Master Rare Cards

Coin Master Rare Cards are the cards you need to complete your card set, but are very hard to get. And those cards are, in fact, not always the cards with the most stars in a card set, or even the gold cards. However, you can get those cards of course, but you might have to trade them. The rare cards list on this page tells you what a card is worth, so if you trade you don’t get scammed.

Coin Master Rare Cards list

Below you find the list of rare cards in Coin Master. We put the value of the cards in Martian Lettuce. This cards is high rare, and most people understand the value of this card. Also, you find this card fairly early in the game. Use the filter to search for the card you need.

Rare Cards FAQ

How is the rare cards value determined?

The value of cards that are hard to find in Coin Master is determined by supply and demand. That is, we look at what people ask and get in Trading Groups on Facebook.

Does the value of rare cards change over time?

Yes, the value of rare cards changes. Most of the time this happens for cards in new card sets. For example, when the Circus set was added Fire Ring was very rare. People gave up to 8 Martian Lettuce for this card. However, at this moment the value is more equal to Martian Lettuce.

What is the best Facebook group to trade rare cards?

There are multiple Facebook groups you can use to trade Coin Master Rare cards. For example, You can use the Official Coin Master Trading Group.

What card was hard to find for you?

What card did you find hard to get? Did you manage to get it by, for instance, trading or did you find it in a chest (need Free spins to get coin and buy chests)? Please let me know in the comments.

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