Boom Villages Coin Master

Boom villages in Coin Master

Boom villages are extremely important in Coin Master. That’s because that are the village you get the most gold and rare cards out of chests. Of course, you buy chests in every village, but if you knew in which village you would get the best cards, wouldn’t you stay a little longer and buy a bit more chests? I know I would. So, on this page you get a list of important villages that get you the highest chance for rare and gold cards.

What is a boom village?

A boom villages is the term Coin Master players use for villages in which the chances of getting rare and cold cards are higher than on other villages. So, basically these levels are the villages to buy chests in Coin Master. Is a boom village a guarantee for rare cards? No, it is not, if you buy chests in these levels you have the best chances to get the cards you need to complete your card collections.

Coin Master Boom Villages List

In the boom villages in the lost below you have the greatest chance to find rare cards and gold cards. Make sure you spend several billion coins in them (Get your Free Spins here to get extra coins), because your rare cards won’t be in the first few chests. And of course, multiple nice cards are hidden in the village.

For a complete coin master villages list click here.

Coin Master Boom Villages FAQ

How do you know boom levels?

We rely on the experience of a lot of Coin Master players. Because they completed multiple villages and bought dozens of chests, they know where the good cards are hidden. So, make sure you keep an eye on this Coin Master village boom list.

Are rare cards guaranteed in the boom village?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee rare cards in a village. In some cases the number of rare cards in a village are low. In that case you have bad luck. Chances are big though that in your next village you find a lot of rare cards.

The boom levels list goes to 143. Are there no boom villages in higher villages?

Yes, there are. But, the higher you come the more difficult it is to find rare cards. And since you need to spend coins on chests anyway we don’t call it boom villages anymore. After village 143 you should spend a lot of coins in all villages.

How many villages are in Coin Master?

At the moment I write this post there are 266 villages in Coin Master. At a slow pace new villages are added. Check this page for an overview of all villages and the total cost in coins for completing them.

Which villages have the rare cards?

It is best to buy chests in all villages. All villages have rare cards you need to complete you card sets. But, some villages have more rare cards than other villages. That are the important villages you should buy more chests than on other villages. We call them boom villages.

What is your Boom Village?

What was the village you got the most rare and gold cards? Let me know. Because, if we find a new boom village all Coin Master Player will profit!

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