13 ways to free spins

14 ways to get free spins in Coin Master

Spins are the most important part of Coin Master. Because, with spins you can play and earn coins. The only problem is that Coin Master gives you only 5 or 6 spins every hour with a maximum of 50 or 60 in total. So, that’s why you need to find ways to get extra spins. And since we don’t want to pay for spins we look for Free Spins in Coin Master. As a result, on this page I tell you all ways how you can get Free Spins in Coin Master.

The easiest way to get free spins in Coin Master is to get your daily free spins. So, we collect only tested and valid links. You can find them on the Coin Master Free Spins links page. Don’t forget these spins since they are only valid for three days.

2. Reward Calendar

The reward calendar is a nice new feature in Coin Master. That is, for every day you log in into the game you get a reward. If you log in on consecutive days the reward gets even bigger. And above all, after 30 days of playing the game you get a mystery chest potentially having a Joker card.

3. Free spins in the Diamond Heist

The Diamond Heist is a combination of 3 offers. The first is free most of the time. The second you have to pay for, and the third is free again. Consequently, my advice: just open the free reward and don’t spend a dime on the paid rewards. Because they are not worth it. To clarify, the Diamond Heist is known under a lot of different names. For example, Mystery offer and Secret offer

4. Add friends for spins

If you have friends on Facebook that aren’t playing Coin Master yet, you can invite them. If they connect to the game via Facebook you get a reward. Depending on your village level and coins stack you get 40 to 120 spins for free. Important to say is that you only get the rewards when your friends open the game with Facebook connected.

5. Be patient

If your spins stock goes below 50 (or 60) than you get free spins from Coin Master. You get 5 or 6 spins per hour. If your total gets to 50 (or 60) than the free spins stop and you have to use them or get your spins from another free spins source.

6. Finish Viking Quest

Every main event ends with the Viking Quest as a side event. Playing Viking Quest can cost you billions of coins, bet the reward is exceptional. If you complete the last stage you get 5000 spins. During play you get 5 to 300 spins for completing the missions.

7. Complete a card set for free spins

If you complete a card set you can get a lot of free spins. The first card sets get you 50 spins, but if you advance up to level 180 you can get 15,000 spins for a complete card set, for instance Brazil. If you complete the card set during Set Blast you get an extra 30% on your rewards. That means the Brazil cards set gives you 19,500 spins for free.

8. Watch a video for free spins

If your spin total gets below 10 you can watch a video for 1 free spin. You can do this 5 times. Each video ad takes about 30 seconds. You cannot win many spins, but it might just help you out.

9. Play main events

There are few main events. For example, Attack Madnes, Raid Madness and special events. In the latter, you combine attacks, raids and getting three themed icons, to get you rewards. In all these events you win mostly spins and coins. Play these events wisely, so you end up with more spins than you started them with.

10. Play side events

Next to the main events there are side events. For example, there are Balloon Frenzy, Village Master, Cards boom and Viking Quest. In all side events, except for Cards boom, you can win spins. Cards Boom is good for completing cards sets, so this event is definately useful.

11. Wait for Rewards mania

In Rewards mania you get a bonus reward on the rewards from the main event. Those extra rewards are, for instance, coins, spins and xp. Rewards mania is a few times in a main event. Don’t forget, Rewards Mania lasts for about an hour and starts at random moments.

12. Tournaments

Next to the main events and side events there are tournaments. To clarify, in the tournaments you compete against 49 other players for a spot in the top 10. Let me tell you why the top 10. That is because if you reach the top 10 you get a reward. And above all, the higher you end in tournaments, the bigger the reward you get.

13. Look for special chests

Until a few months ago you only had 3 types of chests in Coin Master. To clarify, that were the wooden chest, gold chest and magical chest. Recently, however, the number of different boxes have grown. New types of chests are, for example, the Ruby chest, Mystery chest or Emerald chest. Those chests contain spins, coins, xp and they to have a small chance of a joker card.

Free spins in special chests

14. Use Cards for Chests

In Cards for Chests you can trade the stars from your duplicate cards for chests. These chests contain coins, xp and of course spins. The bigger the chest, the higher the chance for a big bunch of spins!

Which Coin Master Free Spins techniques do you miss?

Do you know of any new methods of getting free spins? Please let me know via the comments and I will add them. Can you also tell me your favorite way to get your Coin Master Free spins? Have fun playing!

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